I started with Bowen Therapy for Horses after having success with Bowen and Chiropractic with my older thoroughbred gelding. I have been a practicing Equine Bowen Therapy since 2006 and becoming qualified in 2007.

I have seen horses and ponies from all ages and disciplines benefit from Bowen Therapy. Whether you are looking for a treatment to improve fluidity of movement or improve well being of your retirees we can structure a treatment to help your horse and yourself.    


All treatment are done at your home/agistment. We can either treat in their paddock or in stables, where ever your horse is most comfortable. We always work with the horse to keep him calm and relaxed, so they can make the most of the treatment.

Some of the common symptoms I see and treat are.

  • Sore back/cold backed

  • Girthiness

  • Uneven Gait or Stance 

  • Lacking overall rhythm 

  • Reluctance to hold bend or flexion

  • Struggle to maintain balance, tempo and rhythm through corners or change of direction

  • Reluctant to be caught or loaded on the float

  • Change of behaviour under saddle or on the ground

  • Overall grumpiness or become irritable.


Some other times you may want to consider getting a Bowen treatment for you horse.

  • When bring your horse back into work

  • Before going on spell

  • Change of saddle

  • Post dental treatment

  • If your farrier is changing the shape of your horses hoof (length of heel or toe etc) 

  • Any sort of trauma or injury to muscles

  • Change of riding habits, from arena work to bush or beach work. Dressage to Showjumping etc

  • Newly broken in to saddle.

  • Pre or Post Foaling


To enquire about treatments you can contact me on 0408 948 867 or via bwbtreatments@gmail.com   


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Canine treatments have become more and more popular for show dogs, agility and obedience champions along with your family pets. Treatments can be done in your home to reduce stress of travel on you and your hound.


I would normally treat them whilst they are stand on the ground and I am on a chair or sitting on the ground with them. We always try to keep the mood fairly relaxed so your dog can make the most of the treatment. 

Some of the common symptoms I see are:

  •  Change in normal behaviour

  •  Can become less social with people or other dogs

  •  Protective of food

  •  Refusing elements of a agility/jumping course

  •  Reluctant to jumping on/into beds, cars

  •  Uneven stack, sit or drop

  •  Uneven gait.  


To enquire about treatments you can contact me on 0408 948 867 or via bwbchristine@gmail.com


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Post treatment care can be just as important as the treatment itself. 

The main things to remember after a Bowen session:

  • Allow access to plenty of WATER

  • Allow enough room for your horse or dog to WALK around. Animals are intune with their bodies to know what they need.

  • Allow enough time (up to 4 days) for your horse or dog to RECOVER from the treatment. One thing we know from human treatments, is that after a bowen session they can be effected by DOMS (Delay Onset Muscle Soreness) similar to being sore after a run or gym session. Your horse or dog may seem to be a little grumpy or less energetic. If this is the case continue with ample water and space to free exercise/walking. 

  • Please be carefully to not over rug or over heat post treatment, with the increase of blood flow can lead to a horse sweating under a rug where normally they do not.

  • It is fairly normal reaction for a dog to sleep for the remainder of the day after a treatment.

  • Stretches can be beneficial in cases where muscles have tight. Ask me about a stetching program after your next treatment.

  • Finally if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me on 0408 948 867