Balance with Bowen has been travelling around the South West of Western Australia since 2007. We started out treating horses and very quickly moving on to treating dogs and other animals. It has only been since the end of 2016 that Christine started her qualification in Human Bowen. With completing the Diploma in Human Bowen Therapy in September 2017, we have a treatment room in Bunbury whilst continuing travelling around the southwest help People, Ponies and Puppy to feel their best, perform at their best and enjoy their wellbeing.

Despite the change of clientele Bowen works similarly regardless of size, age or species. 

Christine (Me)

Bowen Therapist

Hi, Welcome to Balance with Bowen

Then I started in 2007 I didn't realize where this crazy journey would take me. 

Whilst none of this has come easily, I honestly don't know what I do if I wasn't treating. 

The animal side is all about the partnership and being able to do some special for our horses and dogs.

The longer I do this the more I love doing what I do. I love problem solving to find the root of the issue, I am always amazed about the feed back you get whether is horses reaction during or after the treatment or when the persons sits up from after the treatment feeling relaxed, freer in there movement and their pain is gone!!!!

Me in a nut shell... Easy going country girl, I love to help people, love to dance and I must have music going. I don't need to ride a horse to enjoy their company, energy and their aura. Animal time is my healing time. Oh I am a photographer as well.

Snuffles (dec)

Support Crew


Snuff has been with me from the very start! Former pound pup, I did a trail day at a new job, she came in on the weekend and I started the new job on the Monday.

This one is the protector. She tries to look after me, will never leave my side if she has anything to say about it.

She tries to keep everyone inline and gives the orders, She can be a bit of a social butterfly (nickname Esme) she will let me know if anything is going on in the neighbourhood. 

She is my little 3 legged Kelpiex, that doesn't know when to quit. I do love her dearly.


Support Crew

 AKA "Boof" pretty much sums Chance up in a nut shell. Chance came to me when I was just about ready to not have a horse of my own. 

Chance shows me things about myself that no person would be willing to say to your face. He can be blunt, argumentative, class joker at times and you must always have your wits about you.

Chance is like the mechanics car that has the endless number of problems and issues going on with him to the point where I don't think he will ever stand up to being full work but that is ok he is my teacher!